European Patio Furniture Inspirations for the USA

Europe tends to be ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and designer patio furniture. A glimpse across the Atlantic can give us a hint at what may become fashionable sometime soon in the U.S. Especially restaurants and cafes seem to constantly re-invent themselves. Attracting new crowds and keeping the existing customers interested is the goal. A new trend in restaurant outdoor patio furniture is often picked up by consumers for use on their personal patios.

teak and stainless steel patio dining setTotally Materialistic

Very popular are combinations of two materials, often wood and metal. We see aluminum or stainless steel with teak or faux wood. While the wood keeps the style down to earth and natural, the stainless steel look brings in the modern touch. It’s a great combo that looks fantastic.





modern design concrete patio dining setDining on Concrete

Europe has an affinity for developing modern designs. Straight lines define a clean-cut simplistic product – exactly what this concrete outdoor dining set is about. There is no distraction here, only one material, a seamless structure, purely sleek. The difference will be where you choose to put it. On a wooden deck for example it looks absolutely stunning. This designer patio furniture is currently available at Beliani.



resin wicker chairs with blanketsCozy in Fur

In Zurich, Switzerland a big trend this spring seems to be to have fur or fur-like shaggy blankets over the chairs. They are cozy and inviting despite the somewhat cool weather. The chairs underneath are your classic iron with wood slats fold-ups or resin wicker for more comfort. Space is scarce, so tables and chairs are small; mostly in bistro settings.

bistro patio furniture in front of cafe



How Can I Buy Good Furniture Online?

furniture online for sale sofa and coffee tableFinding modern sofas and functional furniture at a reasonable price can be quite the task. Great, elegant pieces can be hiding from you in the furniture store and it may take you many hours to discover them. Often, that exact coffee table you like is the one with the price tag that you have to double check because you can’t believe your eyes. Are you going to pull the kids out of private school to afford it? But, no!

The Internet is a place where you can buy anything and everything. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go shopping which can save you valuable time. One question however remains:

Is it possible to buy decent furniture online?

You can, of course, but follow these 10 simple rules and tips:

  1. Check out the provider. Read forum posts and gather opinions from existing customers.
  2. Make sure the retailer grants a right of return.
  3. Find an online store that represents your style.
  4. Double check that the articles are in fact in stock.
  5. Study all photos in detail before you order. A good provider will have plenty of pictures of the furniture products to make sure the customer understands what they are buying.
  6. Read the product description and visualize the furniture in your home.
  7. Make sure to take down the measurements and measure if the furniture fits in the space where you want it.
  8. Remember that the color of the furniture may be slightly different, depending on your computer monitor’s settings. When in doubt, ask the retailer to confirm the color.
  9. Compare the prices.
  10. Look for specials and vouchers!

modern sectional sofa black leatherIf you follow these simple tips, you are very likely to find great quality furniture and modern sofas. Beliani offers a variety of modern design furnishings. In our online furniture outlet, you can find coffee tables, sectional sofas, outdoor seating and patio dining sets.