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The Coolest Modern Coffee Table Designs for 2014

modern design coffee table white lacquerAre you still using the same coffee table you once inherited as a hand-me-down from a friend or family member? You haven’t noticed it was totally out of style, since you never paid much attention to it. Yes, they are small, and yes, they are not usually the most important pieces of furniture in a household. But they can be pretty darn ugly, cluttered with papers, DVDs and the like, causing the living room and its sofas to not quite live up to their potential…

Reason enough for me to put together a little collection of a few interesting pieces that I encountered while browsing the web recently. These are some great designs for 2014 and beyond. May your sofas live happily ever after!

The first shot features the Lagos modern design coffee table by Beliani. With its simplistic style it reminds me a lot of ZEN inspired designs. White lacquer forms the main part of the table, a walnut finish is sandwiched in the middle. A sleek rectangular shape that floats about an inch above ground. The table provides ample storage in the hidden drawer; the middle part slides out to the side. This table would be a great complement to modern sofas.

unique design coffee table glassArchipelago is one of the stunning tables created by Emmet Rock. A large stone is wrapped by a glass table top. It’s a delicate arrangement between two materials, raw and natural on the one side, clean and simple on the other: a modern design that begs us to question aesthetics through unconventional forms and shapes.





modern designer coffee table

modern designer coffee table with lightsThe Cocoon Coffee Table as designed by Clayton Tugonon is a handcrafted resin mold with rattan core. The round shape is reminiscent of a doughnut. Instead of a hole, there is a surface that serves as the table top. This designer piece has a light source on the inside, making it the absolute highlight of the modern home when lit up at night. The table seems to provide the living room with a glowing beam. The unique round is carried by stainless steel feet. It is available at All Modern for around $3600 retail, a rather pricey option but stunning.





high end coffee table modern designThis one is called “The Eye of the Universe”. If you were thinking $3600 is out of reach, how about $25K for this one!

Designer Danna Weiss uses solid Claro Walnut and a stainless steel base. The true wow factor is the precious and semi-precious gems that are inlaid and sealed into a branch gap in the piece of wood. But let’s hear the designer speak:

“Claro Walnut Wood is connected to wind, lightening, vortices and weather magic. The way the tree is shaped with the nuts growing off of the top connects it to the crown chakra and expansion. Its totem is the Bald Eagle and its color is Turquoise. It’s stones are Blue Topaz, and Sardonyx and it depicts centripetal force of outward movement and expansion. Expansion in wealth, horizons of the mind, and feelings. It’s scope is limitless and unfathomable. It assists in astral travel, teleportation, motivation, inspiration and the power of breath. It is associated with the gods, Vashaan, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, and Vishnu. It teaches us clarity, focus, and how to use our intelligence.”

Merry x-mas to those of you who can afford it. Everyone else, shop with Beliani for modern sofas and coffee tables. You will be just as happy!