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4 Upholstery Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

modern upholstered sofaIf you truly wish to clean the interior of your home effectively, you must never forget about your upholstery. Upholstered furniture often accumulates great deal of dust, which can really ruin the entire look and feel of a room. Besides, if you like spending time watching TV while comfortably lying on the couch, chances are you wouldn’t want to allow dust and spoils to ruin your rest.

Upholstery cleaning is not always an easy task. There are many things you must keep in mind, if you want to ensure that the task is done properly. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to fix the damage from a spill, or you are performing your regular domestic cleaning service at home you have to be careful. Certain solutions can easily damage the upholstery, which is the last thing you want. The following tips aim to provide you with useful information on how to handle this task:

  • Vacuum the upholstery – in order to prevent dust from settling in your upholstery, you have to be regular at vacuuming. It is surprising how many people simply forget about that and skip the area during their regular runs with the vacuum cleaner. Don’t be one of them. Vacuuming is the simplest cleaning method that you can use, which will greatly reduce the spoils that end up on your upholstery. Clean dust before you proceed with any other form of cleaning because wet dust can dirty the fabric even further.
  • Tackle spills as soon as possible – when a spill on e.g. your sofa occurs, acting quickly goes a long way in ensuring that the stain is dealt with. Sometimes you may give in to panic and come rushing with the first sponge you saw in attempts to rub off the stain. That is not advised, because scrubbing and rubbing a stain will only cause it to spread to a larger area, possibly causing permanent damage. What you should do instead is blot the stain with a clean cloth. Gently apply pressure to the stain with the cloth and eventually it will be removed. You may have to work with a cleaning solution, but make sure you read the following tip carefully first.
  • Determine what solution to use – the type of upholstery is a major factor in determining what type of cleaning you resort to. There are many types of fabrics that may be used to make sofas or couches. Among the most popular ones are: cotton, silk, wool, linen and acetate. The type of dye and color used for your upholstery must also be taken into account. Normally, you can expect a code to help you determine the type – X stands for upholstery that should be sanitised by professionals only; S means dry cleaning is preferred; W stands for upholstery that can be cleaned with water; WS – dry cleaning and cleaning with water is allowed.
  • Decide between homemade and commercial cleaners – if you have tested a recipe before and found it effective in your upholstery cleaning chores, there is no reason to substitute it for anything else. If you have never tested such solution, it is a good idea to place your bets on proven commercial products.

Upholstery cleaning is a necessary part of your chores, if you want to ensure your room looks beautiful. Consider the most effective methods and you will be able to easily deal with it.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

Shopping for furniture involves a lot of consideration – from choosing the right size and material to finding the perfect position and fitting each piece into your decor. Furnishing your home can turn into an absolutely overwhelming and stress – inducing experience. One of the reasons is that a furniture purchase may seems so very final. You need to be sure that you are making the right decision and get appliances that will stand the test of time.

outdoor furniture beautiful homeFalling in love with the look of the furniture, without considering its construction and durability is one of the biggest pitfalls. Cleaning and maintenance should also be on your check list. The ideal furnishing should have transcendent design, distinct details and quality of structure. Here are some guidelines on how to pick the proper furniture for you.

  1. Construction

Ideally, a furniture piece should feel heavy and solid. Skip the aluminum and the particleboard frame for indoor furniture. The solid wood constructions last longer and add a classy tinge to the interior. However, always ensure that the price is consistent with the quality and your expectations for the lifespan.

  1. Comfort

Aesthetics is one of the most important features when selecting furniture. You should not base your decision solely on the look of the piece. Think about the function and the role of these items in your everyday life. Before buying anything, give it the sit test. No matter how beautiful your new furniture is, it’s useless if it’s not comfortable.

  1. Shape

Is the shape of the furniture trendy or will it remain stylish during the years? Buying furnishings involves a sufficient investment and it says a lot about you. Choose items that you will love in the future. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should choose something dull and shapeless. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional design, look for timeless classics.modern sofa and designer coffee table

  1. Finish

If you are considering buying furniture with exposed wood, pay attention to the stain or finish color. These features can dramatically impact the style and the durability of your pieces. For example you can easily transform a chair from traditional to contemporary by replacing the cherry stain with a black paint. Some finishes require special cleaning and treatment. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on furniture maintenance, get items that need less care.

  1. Fabric

When purchasing upholstered furniture, keep in mind that lighter colored fabrics are suitable for a bedroom. However, you should avoid these shades for frequently used pieces. Instead, choose a slightly darker fabric that will need less cleaning.

  1. The Unexpected

The final element of a well furnished home is personality. Look for unique pieces that can add character and interest to the room. It can be anything from an unconventional or interesting tufting, to a colorful detail. Use your personal intuition as a guide. Avoid impersonal or boring feeling spaces. Your taste should be reflected in items of your decor. For more house cleaning tips visit: cleaning services cleaners ltd.

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Setting Up Modern Design Sofa Rotunde

All Beliani sofas are fairly easy to set up. This quick guide shows you how.

The Rotunde comes in leather as well as polyester fabric and Beliani also offers a variety of different colors on this popular sectional.

sectional sofaAfter removing the box, you may want to familiarize yourself with the four different sections the sofa comes in, and where they belong. The piece with the armrest on the side is the end section on your left when facing the couch. The second piece has a solid back rest that goes all the length of this section. The part without back or arm rests is your ottoman section, finishing the sofa on your right.

measurements sofaAssembling the legs is easy. You can find them in the pockets underneath each sofa section. All legs have screw-in ends that can be inserted into the bolts on the underside of the sofa. Please do not over tighten. In case the sofa is missing a bolt, you can pre-drill a hole and screw the leg directly into the wood frame.

As a next step, gather the connector pieces and attach them to the side of each section, on the end that will be touching the adjacent section. One section will have a connector piece with the latch up, the other one will have it down, so both pieces will hook together. You can try this out by first holding two connectors and fitting them together in your hands.

modern circular sofa Rotunde by Beliani close upAll that’s left is joining the four sections together as shown on the photo. Make sure to place your new sofa into its desired location before completing the final assembly.

Pad yourself on the shoulder and enjoy!

Latest Modern Sofa Designs by Beliani

modern fabric sofa rotunde by belianiFinally there here. Beliani has completed its indoor collection by adding sharp looking fabric sofas. The great designs like the Rotunde and Olso continue to be available in genuine leather. The options for polyester fabric are now available too.

Once more, Beliani does not strive to offer hundreds of variations, but has limited the selection to a few high quality fabrics that hit the nerve of most fashionistas. Limiting the variety leads to substantial savings in production that are being passed on to the customer as un-matched low prices for a quality product. The other advantage are the short lead times. The sofas are stocked centrally in the USA, with an average order ship time of 12 days within the States.

Stockholm by Beliani sectional sofaLet’s have a look at the Stockholm in beige for example. The frame is still made with sturdy hardwood. Springs and high density foam guarantee for comfort and steel legs complement the trendy look. The fabric has a smooth surface for the whole family to get comfortable in front of the TV. The color appears neutral, I am tempted to say natural, making it easy to combine the modern sofa with other style elements in your living room.

modern l-shape sofa in dark grey fabric Oslo by BelianiMy personal favorite are the couches with the dark grey fabric. I especially like the Oslo sectional. They look awesome and complement extremely well with virtually all types of hardwood floors as well as area rugs in most colors. The cool L-shape comes as a 3-seater sofa with a right facing chaise. Super comfy to relax while reading or watching a show. The ottoman is great to put up your feet when sitting on the other side of the couch. All back pillows are removable so you can configure then however you desire.

Browse the Beliani website for these and other pieces of the fabric and leather collections, find matching coffee tables and more.

The Coolest Modern Coffee Table Designs for 2014

modern design coffee table white lacquerAre you still using the same coffee table you once inherited as a hand-me-down from a friend or family member? You haven’t noticed it was totally out of style, since you never paid much attention to it. Yes, they are small, and yes, they are not usually the most important pieces of furniture in a household. But they can be pretty darn ugly, cluttered with papers, DVDs and the like, causing the living room and its sofas to not quite live up to their potential…

Reason enough for me to put together a little collection of a few interesting pieces that I encountered while browsing the web recently. These are some great designs for 2014 and beyond. May your sofas live happily ever after!

The first shot features the Lagos modern design coffee table by Beliani. With its simplistic style it reminds me a lot of ZEN inspired designs. White lacquer forms the main part of the table, a walnut finish is sandwiched in the middle. A sleek rectangular shape that floats about an inch above ground. The table provides ample storage in the hidden drawer; the middle part slides out to the side. This table would be a great complement to modern sofas.

unique design coffee table glassArchipelago is one of the stunning tables created by Emmet Rock. A large stone is wrapped by a glass table top. It’s a delicate arrangement between two materials, raw and natural on the one side, clean and simple on the other: a modern design that begs us to question aesthetics through unconventional forms and shapes.





modern designer coffee table

modern designer coffee table with lightsThe Cocoon Coffee Table as designed by Clayton Tugonon is a handcrafted resin mold with rattan core. The round shape is reminiscent of a doughnut. Instead of a hole, there is a surface that serves as the table top. This designer piece has a light source on the inside, making it the absolute highlight of the modern home when lit up at night. The table seems to provide the living room with a glowing beam. The unique round is carried by stainless steel feet. It is available at All Modern for around $3600 retail, a rather pricey option but stunning.





high end coffee table modern designThis one is called “The Eye of the Universe”. If you were thinking $3600 is out of reach, how about $25K for this one!

Designer Danna Weiss uses solid Claro Walnut and a stainless steel base. The true wow factor is the precious and semi-precious gems that are inlaid and sealed into a branch gap in the piece of wood. But let’s hear the designer speak:

“Claro Walnut Wood is connected to wind, lightening, vortices and weather magic. The way the tree is shaped with the nuts growing off of the top connects it to the crown chakra and expansion. Its totem is the Bald Eagle and its color is Turquoise. It’s stones are Blue Topaz, and Sardonyx and it depicts centripetal force of outward movement and expansion. Expansion in wealth, horizons of the mind, and feelings. It’s scope is limitless and unfathomable. It assists in astral travel, teleportation, motivation, inspiration and the power of breath. It is associated with the gods, Vashaan, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, and Vishnu. It teaches us clarity, focus, and how to use our intelligence.”

Merry x-mas to those of you who can afford it. Everyone else, shop with Beliani for modern sofas and coffee tables. You will be just as happy!



How to recognize a true Chesterfield sofa?

brown leather chesterfield couch 3-seaterModern sofas come in all different colors , sizes, designs and materials; the sleek modern sectional with dark grey fabric, a peppy red vinyl loveseat or a classy traditional genuine leather couch. And you’ve certainly come across the term “Chesterfield”. In fact my mother in law uses it all the time, for all kinds of furniture. But that’s another story….

Where does that distinctive name come from?

philip_standhope_4th_earl_of_chesterfieldEven though the term may be used more broadly in daily use, strictly speaking, there are certain well defined criteria that that make a Chesterfield. There are leather sofas, chairs, chaises and other furniture made in the classic Chesterfield style. As is common, the name originates from a person, in this case, the English Lord Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694 – 1773). In his old age, the Earl asked for production of a sofa that should be of high quality and express royal class. Based on the proverbial British stiffness, of course, it had to accommodate a comfortable, upright seating position.

The quilted upholstery with buttons emerged as the main aspect of identification for this type of furniture. Top grade leather as well as a back rest at the same height as the armrests form a further point of distinction.  Today, we see many adapted versions of the Chesterfield, some of them very close to the original, others a modern interpretation of the design. Most of them strive to maintain the same elegance that was attributed to that sofa of the 1700’s. Read more on Wikipedia.

Chesterfield genuine leather sofaleather sofa in chesterfield styleBeliani offers a contemporary version of the sofa. Browse our leather sofas.

Modern leather sofas often use monochromatic schemes that can instantly shift a person's mood.

Entice Your Guests with the Finesse of Modern Leather Sofas

Every time you open up and speak, you thrust yourself in the battle to make good choices with your words. What makes your speech attractive or repulsive are the words you use and how you say them. That’s why first impressions are always so dicey. Furniture has the same effect. Have you ever walked into a room, office, or some other space that set off a warm and inviting feeling?

There’s a good chance that the furniture in the room sparked those positive feelings, and you can most likely thank good stylistic choice and artful arrangement for the effect. If you want to allure your guests with the same warmth you felt in that room, consider adding modern leather sofas to your interior decor. You’ll be amazed at how you can alter the atmosphere in a room with the addition of these furniture pieces. In fact, the careful selection of modern leather sofas can turn an otherwise dull room into a vibrant space that draws people in!

Matter Hypnotizes Mind

While it’s true that the mind has great power over the body, the reverse is also true. In a similar way to how music affects your mood, furniture too affects your emotions. It usually happens in very subtle ways, and it sometimes explains a feeling of discomfort that seems to arise for no reason. How?

No Room to Breathe, No Room to Relax

How do you feel when your mind is cluttered with tasks, Cluttered furniture is disorienting. Modern leather sofas are designed to create less 'mess'appointments, chores, and assignments? It most likely feels like a brain overload. The human brain and sensory systems receive an in-flux of stimuli, but they can only process and make sense of a few things at a time.

Therefore, clutter creates stress, especially if you are actively trying to process everything all at once. When clutter overwhelms the brain, anxiety increases and the mind riles up into a flight-or-flight-like state, and your concentration, productivity, and creativity all go down the drain.

A room that’s filled with furniture in awkward places may not literally drive someone crazy, but it will feel uncomfortable and uninviting. It’s not a good sign when couches and single chairs make walking space as narrow as the gaps between parallel parked cars on a downtown street. Neither is it fun when you have a sofa positioned at an angle that turns walking through a doorway into some sort of obstacle course. Those feelings of claustrophobia give your guests the impression that they’re not welcome in your place of dwelling or business. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your furniture layout, since it can make the difference between repeat visits or one-time shows.

Modern Furniture Puts an End to Clutter

You may think that furniture clutter is inevitable to a certain degree, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, modern leather sofas have the ability to create a layout that’s easy on the eyes and easy to maneuver through. Yes, just the way they look can give the impression of more space and less clutter. But let’s first discuss how they can physically create more space in your home.

  • Shape – Many modern leather sofas are unique and distinct in shape, and this allows you to choose a set piece that fits your room or office. It becomes easy for you to overcome things like room shape and dimensions, because modern sofa shapes can wrap around and fit in with the current elements of your room. Whether it’s L, C, or I shaped, you can be sure that at least one of them will fit the room you want to arrange.
  • Sectionals – Another way these sofas reduce the clutter of a room is due to their ‘sectional’ nature. Unlike the majority of classic furniture styles, you can usually separate or combine portions of modern furniture styles according to the room size and the number of occupants.

Modern leather sofas have a variety of shapes, so it's easy to compliment your room

With Furniture, Looks Matter

Vanity is perfectly acceptable when it comes to your choice of furniture, and it’s fair to say that a lot of people don’t display this attitude based on what sits in their rooms. If you’ve ever been in a room that looked dingy and off-putting, there’s a good chance the furniture dragged things downhill.

In all fairness, not everyone has the eye of a designer. Some people pick up furniture pieces based on their favourite colours, and even worse, the choice of furniture they see in other places.

Here’s what’s wrong with these deciding factors. A favourite colour may create an ugly contrast with the colour of the walls and the colour of a carpet. Many people forget that certain colours just don’t mix well, and the effect they create can be as unpleasant as the sight of mould on toast.

There’s nothing wrong if you model your choice after seeing a piece of furniture on a reality show or at the home of another person. But you have to make sure that it fits the presentation of your room – a factor that many furniture buyers seem to forget. So even though you may want that patterned, red-orange sofa you saw on HGTV, it might look disastrous with your purple wall paint.

Modern Leather Sofas Paint a Pleasing Picture

It’s true that personal preference varies when it comes to the way someone views a furniture piece. > Modern leather sofas often use monochromatic schemes that can instantly shift a person's mood. Yet still, the subjectivity has a limit, and there are some pieces of furniture that can leave you questioning why they were even manufactured in the first place. There’s no need to become the unfortunate owner of such items, as long as you know the traits of good contemporary design.

  • Lines – Modern leather sofas are crafted with sharp lines and crisp angles, and these lines create shapes that are bold and impactful. The result is a blend that makes elements of a room flow with one another. The focus on linear expression gives your furniture a sense of energy, and this is emphasized when complimented with abundant space and the right use of colour. Although subtle, the energy and harmony created by these lines resonate well with the eyes, and they garner appreciation from those in the room.
  • Colour – Modern sofas made with leather usually rely on solid colour schemes that are monochromatic in nature. In other words, a single colour dominates the room and the furniture, but there are varying tints, tones, and shades. These colour schemes make it easy for you to choose colour, since it’s a matter of picking one hue without the worry of another causing things to look unbalanced. Also, one colour that varies in terms of intensity has a huge impact on the way a room alters mood and emotions.

The Effects of Mind-Altering Furniture

Human beings are emotional creatures. Just about everything involves a degree of emotion, and that includes logic-dominated pursuits such as law and business. If you can appeal to a person’s emotions or alter their mood, you will be able to wield the power of influence over them with ease. Now that isn’t a call for you to become a manipulator, but it’s a reminder of how you can make your furniture work for you no matter the space or location.

  • Impress First-Time Visitors – Do you want to feel the euphoria of first-time guests praising how great your living room looks? A combination of shapely furniture and solid colour will get you and your guests giddy with pleasure.
  • Show a Date Your Substance with Style – If you’re inviting a date over for the first time, you may feel a bit nervous about what they’ll think of your home. But you can dazzle them with your taste by arranging the right choice of modern furniture in your living room.
  • Hook Your Clients and Customers – Maybe you run a restaurant or a salon, and you want that secret ingredient that adds a kick to your customers’ experience. Modern leather sofas can be that extra ‘something’ that makes the store inexplicably fresh and energetic.

A Touch of Modernism Grabs Attention

So if you’re looking for a way to give your guests a memorable experience, consider the possibilities of modern leather sofas. Like most modernist design, the subtle focus on things such as lines, shapes, and colour allows contemporary furniture to alter mood and emotion in ways that often go undetected. Don’t dismiss the emotional aspect of modern furniture as something that’s just a matter of preference.

Look around. Modernism is in style, and has been trendy for a while now. The simplistic yet bold arrangement of modern furniture elements are attractive to human eyes, and therefore, attractive to human minds. So consider using modernist leather sofas for your living room or business space to spice things up, and you’ll certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests!

To browse through a selection of elegant modern leather sofas, click here.

Best New Modern Designs for Coffee Tables

Great modern designs can be hard to find. When I browse local furniture stores, I sometimes get the feeling, I am a rare species. Nobody offers quite what I am looking for. Let’s face it, if you look for a mainstream product, you won’t even have to search. They’re everywhere and at a low price too. What if you want to be different? What if you have an affinity for modern design?

That’s where it gets difficult and sometimes frustrating. Either you just can’t find anything you like, or it’s so insanely expensive that you have to throw the towel. When it comes to coffee tables or sofa tables, as some of us might call them, Beliani has just launched their new collection in North America. Beliani stands for modern design furniture at outlet prices, so definitely worth a look.

The EVORA as shown above is an interesting modern design with great functionality. The white lacquer top is split into four sections that reveal drawer storage space when pulled to the side. The structural parts are medium density fiber board with walnut veneer.

The LAGOS also uses mainly white lacquered surfaces, that just give the cleanest, sleek look. The center part comes in a wood design with the larger portion being a drawer that offers storage to keep the place tidy.

Another great design is the AVEIRO. The contemporary coffee table has 3 layers that can be used as surfaces. The top two layers can be swiveled to form a variety of layouts that offer a different look and functionality.

Modern leather sofas often use monochromatic schemes that can instantly shift a person's mood.

Protecting White Leather Sofas From the Threat of Damage and Stains

Why People Love White Leather Sofas

Nothing can replace the look and feel of a white leather sofa. It manages to quietly exude elegance while acting as a major statement piece within your home or office. Much like how designer clothes or fine wine can raise one’s social profile, the ubiquitous leather couch helps create a sense of luxury and grandeur. Its rich, buttery texture cannot be replicated by other lesser fabrics like velvet and suede, (which are also harder to clean and attract dirt and dust like nobody’s business.)

There have been few status symbols that have endured through the years like a white leather couch. Leather upholstery has been popular since ancient times, but it really took protecting white leather sofasoff during the Industrial Revolution, when new tanning techniques made it easier to bring this expensive commodity to the masses. Nowadays thanks to the large assortment of dyes, you can find modern leather sofas  in a variety of colours to compliment any décor style – but white leather is still a favourite among the elite upper class. And it’s easy to see why. A crisp, white couch acts as the perfect backdrop for a VIP event and is super fresh and chic.

But it’s also a lot harder to hide damages or stains on a white surface, even one as tough as leather.

Leather has been used for a multitude of materials over the years (the Egyptians and Romans used it for clothing and weaponry). Favoured for its durability and loved for its luxe qualities, it’s not as absorbent as fabric, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Like any other furnishings, they need to be properly and consistently cared for in order to extend their shelf life.

How Leather Couches Can be Damaged

Think about it this way: leather reacts the same way as your skin. It reacts negatively to drastic changes in temperature, so it’s important to keep an eye on the room temperature and also to avoid these following things:

Direct Sunlight, Heat, or Humidity

direct sunlight can damage your leather sofasExposure to direct sunlight or common heat sources like fireplaces and furnaces can have a major effect on the look and feel of your leather couch. While it’s a durable and versatile fabric, it is capable of cracking, fading, and peeling (much like dry skin!).

Excess Water or Moisture

It’s impossible to avoid accidental spills if you’re hosting a special gathering or if you have a few rug rats running around. However, it’s important to remember that if you excess moisture can damage your leather sofaever spill anything onto your white leather couch use only a bit of water and use it right away. But if you accidentally use too much water, just blot it with a cloth and then let it air dry. Trying to speed up the drying process with a blow dryer or other heating source will only make it worst since you’re changing the chemical structure of the material. The result will be cracked, or worse, peeling leather that is starting to stretch and lose its original shape.

Dry Air

If we go along with the skin analogy, then it only makes sense that dry air can also have a poor affect on your leather sofas. Just like how dry weather can cause dry or cracked skin, poor ventilation can also cause your smooth and pliable leather to become brittle and start to peel. To prevent cracking and keep your furniture supple, use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer.

How to Care for Leather Sofas

Although leather is a resilient fabric, it should be treated gently during the cleaning process.

If you’ve just bought a couch and are unsure of how to care for it, always start off by using the gentlest cleaning methods first. This way you can avoid using something that’s too acidic or harsh that may cause irreparable damage.

Regular Maintenance

On a regular basis you should vacuum and clean your leather couch using either a damp cleaning cloth or a gentle disposable wipe like Pond’s Towelettes to keep it looking brand new. Disposable wipes are great, because that way you can avoid using too much water during the cleaning process and ruining your couch. Remember to never scrub away (even at stains), but to only wipe gently. Scrubbing can wrinkle the fabric and cause it to sag.

Using Leather Conditioners

While you should be cleaning your leather couch on a weekly basis, use leather use conditioners for your leather sofasconditioners sparingly. They are effective at maintaining the look and feel of your sofa, but using too much can also have a negative effect. They should typically be used every 6-12 months since most formulas are very potent.

However there are other gentler formulas out there like Leather Honey which is a non-toxic and water repellant solution, or ELON Leathercare, an all-natural cleaning agent that contains no alcohol, ammonia or abrasives.

Having a product which is water repellant is beneficial since–although it won’t make your leather couch “water proof”–it will help minimize any water damage that might occur in the future by acting as a protective seal over the surface of your sofa.

It’s also good to work with a solution that only has a minimal amount of ammonia (or better yet,  none at all). This is important because harsh ingredients like ammonia can potentially bleach leather or cause severe discolouration. Products with a neutral pH make it easier on you since you don’t want to deal with harsh chemicals and damage your own skin in the process!

The alternative is to make your own leather conditioning formula with some water, ammonia, and vinegar. This way you have full control over the ingredients that go into the solution and can see if your couch benefits from gentle or stronger mixture.

Prevent Mold & Mildew Growth

These are some steps you can follow for regular maintenance and as a way to prevent stains, but what if your couches are damaged by mold and mildew?

Mildew and mold are caused by excess moisture and humidity, so as a preventive measure you can invest in a dehumidifier, which will help you accurately track and regulate the room temperature. Also, try not to use plastic covers! They might help with preventing spills on your new white couch, but they will also increase the chances of mildew growth and the presence of mold since there’s no ventilation action happening. However, if your sofa has already been contaminated with mildew, you can use a gentle soap like Murphy’s Oil Soap or make your own solution of water, vinegar, and apple cider to kill unwanted bacteria.

Now that we’ve covered what can potentially damage your white leather sofas (heat, moisture, dry air, etc.) and how to care and prevent damage and stains in the future, here’s one last tip for  extending the use of your leather sofa, which is ridiculously easy and won’t cost you any money at all: ask your seller how to maintain and care for your sofa. A lot of the time, how you care for your leather varies with its place of origin, so it’s good to ask questions right away so you know if you are taking the right measures, and doing all that you can to make this luxurious investment a worthwhile and long lasting one.

A white leather sofa might be just what you need to elevate your home or office’s appearance and give it a more sophisticated feel. So check out our fine selection of high-quality, genuine leather sofas.

The Funniest Sofa Videos on Youtube

Here is some fun stuff. We have been hunting for the funniest videos to do with couches and sofas and found some quite remarkable stuff. How to have fun with your sofa, check it out:

In this video, Nikki hollowes out a couch, hides inside, and scares the crap out of John!

Seinfeld, Season 6, Episode 91
Poppie pees on Jerry’s new couch. Kramer’s reaction is priceless…

He played Harry the old man and ran an ad on craigslist to sell his sofa. After some people drive 2 hours to pick up the couch, Harry tells them he had an accident on the couch. Then Harry leaves and let the fun begin!


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