Michael Bublé on Beliani Leather Sofa

leather chesterfield sofa with Michael BubleIs Michael Bublé sitting on a Beliani Chesterfield sofa?

I found the photo in the House & Home magazine and can’t get the thought out of my head that this might be a Beliani couch. The photo shows Michael Bublé in his Los Angeles home, nothing short of a mansion, btw. The man has made oodles of money in the past years, selling his music albums all over the world. He is currently featuring a Christmas album, which I have not yet heard, but the marketing looks excessively cheesy, unfortunately. But that’s not the point here. He is a fantastic singer, so definitely deserves all the success, and oh, yes of course, he is Canadian, what else!

In the photo, he is smiling at us from a leather couch that could be mistaken for a Beliani Chesterfield sofa. I know, the man can afford the top of the line brands. But why not save close to two grand and buy a leather sofa with Beliani, that is almost identical to the original designer piece. Who can’t use that money for some other nice things, especially when the holidays are right around the corner?!?