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4 Upholstery Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

modern upholstered sofaIf you truly wish to clean the interior of your home effectively, you must never forget about your upholstery. Upholstered furniture often accumulates great deal of dust, which can really ruin the entire look and feel of a room. Besides, if you like spending time watching TV while comfortably lying on the couch, chances are you wouldn’t want to allow dust and spoils to ruin your rest.

Upholstery cleaning is not always an easy task. There are many things you must keep in mind, if you want to ensure that the task is done properly. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to fix the damage from a spill, or you are performing your regular domestic cleaning service at home you have to be careful. Certain solutions can easily damage the upholstery, which is the last thing you want. The following tips aim to provide you with useful information on how to handle this task:

  • Vacuum the upholstery – in order to prevent dust from settling in your upholstery, you have to be regular at vacuuming. It is surprising how many people simply forget about that and skip the area during their regular runs with the vacuum cleaner. Don’t be one of them. Vacuuming is the simplest cleaning method that you can use, which will greatly reduce the spoils that end up on your upholstery. Clean dust before you proceed with any other form of cleaning because wet dust can dirty the fabric even further.
  • Tackle spills as soon as possible – when a spill on e.g. your sofa occurs, acting quickly goes a long way in ensuring that the stain is dealt with. Sometimes you may give in to panic and come rushing with the first sponge you saw in attempts to rub off the stain. That is not advised, because scrubbing and rubbing a stain will only cause it to spread to a larger area, possibly causing permanent damage. What you should do instead is blot the stain with a clean cloth. Gently apply pressure to the stain with the cloth and eventually it will be removed. You may have to work with a cleaning solution, but make sure you read the following tip carefully first.
  • Determine what solution to use – the type of upholstery is a major factor in determining what type of cleaning you resort to. There are many types of fabrics that may be used to make sofas or couches. Among the most popular ones are: cotton, silk, wool, linen and acetate. The type of dye and color used for your upholstery must also be taken into account. Normally, you can expect a code to help you determine the type – X stands for upholstery that should be sanitised by professionals only; S means dry cleaning is preferred; W stands for upholstery that can be cleaned with water; WS – dry cleaning and cleaning with water is allowed.
  • Decide between homemade and commercial cleaners – if you have tested a recipe before and found it effective in your upholstery cleaning chores, there is no reason to substitute it for anything else. If you have never tested such solution, it is a good idea to place your bets on proven commercial products.

Upholstery cleaning is a necessary part of your chores, if you want to ensure your room looks beautiful. Consider the most effective methods and you will be able to easily deal with it.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture

Shopping for furniture involves a lot of consideration – from choosing the right size and material to finding the perfect position and fitting each piece into your decor. Furnishing your home can turn into an absolutely overwhelming and stress – inducing experience. One of the reasons is that a furniture purchase may seems so very final. You need to be sure that you are making the right decision and get appliances that will stand the test of time.

outdoor furniture beautiful homeFalling in love with the look of the furniture, without considering its construction and durability is one of the biggest pitfalls. Cleaning and maintenance should also be on your check list. The ideal furnishing should have transcendent design, distinct details and quality of structure. Here are some guidelines on how to pick the proper furniture for you.

  1. Construction

Ideally, a furniture piece should feel heavy and solid. Skip the aluminum and the particleboard frame for indoor furniture. The solid wood constructions last longer and add a classy tinge to the interior. However, always ensure that the price is consistent with the quality and your expectations for the lifespan.

  1. Comfort

Aesthetics is one of the most important features when selecting furniture. You should not base your decision solely on the look of the piece. Think about the function and the role of these items in your everyday life. Before buying anything, give it the sit test. No matter how beautiful your new furniture is, it’s useless if it’s not comfortable.

  1. Shape

Is the shape of the furniture trendy or will it remain stylish during the years? Buying furnishings involves a sufficient investment and it says a lot about you. Choose items that you will love in the future. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should choose something dull and shapeless. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional design, look for timeless classics.modern sofa and designer coffee table

  1. Finish

If you are considering buying furniture with exposed wood, pay attention to the stain or finish color. These features can dramatically impact the style and the durability of your pieces. For example you can easily transform a chair from traditional to contemporary by replacing the cherry stain with a black paint. Some finishes require special cleaning and treatment. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on furniture maintenance, get items that need less care.

  1. Fabric

When purchasing upholstered furniture, keep in mind that lighter colored fabrics are suitable for a bedroom. However, you should avoid these shades for frequently used pieces. Instead, choose a slightly darker fabric that will need less cleaning.

  1. The Unexpected

The final element of a well furnished home is personality. Look for unique pieces that can add character and interest to the room. It can be anything from an unconventional or interesting tufting, to a colorful detail. Use your personal intuition as a guide. Avoid impersonal or boring feeling spaces. Your taste should be reflected in items of your decor. For more house cleaning tips visit: cleaning services cleaners ltd.

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How Can I Buy Good Furniture Online?

furniture online for sale sofa and coffee tableFinding modern sofas and functional furniture at a reasonable price can be quite the task. Great, elegant pieces can be hiding from you in the furniture store and it may take you many hours to discover them. Often, that exact coffee table you like is the one with the price tag that you have to double check because you can’t believe your eyes. Are you going to pull the kids out of private school to afford it? But, no!

The Internet is a place where you can buy anything and everything. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to go shopping which can save you valuable time. One question however remains:

Is it possible to buy decent furniture online?

You can, of course, but follow these 10 simple rules and tips:

  1. Check out the provider. Read forum posts and gather opinions from existing customers.
  2. Make sure the retailer grants a right of return.
  3. Find an online store that represents your style.
  4. Double check that the articles are in fact in stock.
  5. Study all photos in detail before you order. A good provider will have plenty of pictures of the furniture products to make sure the customer understands what they are buying.
  6. Read the product description and visualize the furniture in your home.
  7. Make sure to take down the measurements and measure if the furniture fits in the space where you want it.
  8. Remember that the color of the furniture may be slightly different, depending on your computer monitor’s settings. When in doubt, ask the retailer to confirm the color.
  9. Compare the prices.
  10. Look for specials and vouchers!

modern sectional sofa black leatherIf you follow these simple tips, you are very likely to find great quality furniture and modern sofas. Beliani offers a variety of modern design furnishings. In our online furniture outlet, you can find coffee tables, sectional sofas, outdoor seating and patio dining sets.

What to Look Out For When Having Outdoor Furniture Delivered

modern furniture delivery truckOrdering modern outdoor furniture online is easy, right?

You choose your product, place it in the cart and check out. A couple of days later you receive a call and a friendly young man delivers the furniture right into your home. But not so fast!

Not that it is the norm, but once in a while things do go wrong. And it is helpful to know how to protect yourself, just in case.

Let’s assume for a moment, you have ordered some fancy modern outdoor furniture, taking advantage of the low prices the web has to offer, e.g. at Beliani Furniture Outlet. A week or so later the delivery truck shows up and off-loads a few cardboard boxes. You notice that one of them is torn on the side and it has a bit of a dent. What now?

Since you have been shopping with a reputable company, you will have received an email a couple of days back, instructing you exactly what to do in such a situation. You may even still have it handy on your smartphone or tablet. You proceed as instructed and will live happily with your furniture ever after.

furniture boxesWhat if you did not receive any information from your retailer? Sure, you could call them right away and ask, but in the heat, things tend to go wrong. Whatever you do now, if you sign the paper that the smiling driver hands you, without clearly noting a damage, you might be out of luck. Mind you, since you noted the tear on the box, you will probably go ahead and take a closer look, making sure the contents are in good shape. Well done! If there is a problem with your new outdoor furniture, you have 2 options: 1. Refuse the freight and send it back, 2. Accept the goods, noting the word “Damaged” on the so called Proof of Delivery (POD). Then snap photos showing the issue and send them to your retailer. Chances are, not all pieces are broken and only the damaged parts need replacement.

The tricky part is, when the truck arrives and all the boxes look fine. The driver hands you the POD and ask for you to sign. He is a bit behind schedule and needs to hurry to the next job. Who is bold enough to go ahead and write “Damaged” on the POD without even opening the packaging? But that’s exactly what you have to do. Only then will you be able to successfully claim, in case you discover a broken item upon unpacking your furniture. Otherwise, the shipping company will assume that you have received the freight in fine condition and that the damage happened after delivery was completed. Most shippers are very black-and-white on this topic, so be prepared.

A good retailer will seek out the delivery firms that only have a low number of incidents, thus minimizing the chance of you ever having to deal with such a situation. More details on the general guidelines can be found here:

Hesitant to order furniture on the web after reading this? Don’t be. The advantages of shopping from the convenience of your home with an online retailer by far exceed the risks. Great service and fantastic prices are common practice. Happy shopping!