5 simple tips to throw a successful outdoor patio party

Summer is the best time to throw a patio party so that you can have a great time with your family, friends and neighbors. All that you need to host a successful patio party in the backyard or the porch is good food, refreshing drinks and entertainment. If you are planning to organize the first patio soiree of the season, these 5 guidelines would help you to make your patio get together a unique celebration for your near and dear ones.

  1. Choose a theme: The most important step to planning a party is to pick an attractive theme; for example, picnic theme, beach theme, cocktail theme, black-tie dinner party, etc. Or organize a patio party to celebrate your wedding anniversary, birthday and even holidays.patio party with outdoor furniture
  2. Choose comfortable outdoor furniture and decors: Once you have decided the theme of the patio-party, the next step is to choose comfortable patio furniture along with picnic tables. You should also choose decors to match your chosen theme. Decorate your patio with colorful balloons, personalized banners with a personalized message to welcome the invitees. If you are throwing the party in the afternoon, you can install patio umbrellas as a stylish means to provide shade to the guests. If you are throwing the party in the evening, you can choose stylish patio lights to illuminate your patio thereby enhancing the ambiance of your porch or backyard. Paper or glass lanterns are another way to cast an amazing radiance to enhance the visual appeal of your patio. You can also beautify your patio with decorative aroma candles. Tealight candles are an excellent choice for patio parties. You may also place a canopy as a safety measure to protect your guests from rain or insects.
  3. Plan the menu: The next important step is to plan the menu for the patio-party. You can choose simple yet delicious recipes to impress your guests. Welcome your guests with beer, wine and other refreshing drinks before serving food to them. Ensure that you preheat the oven so that you can start cooking the dishes and serve your guests on time. Also, arrange for snacks and desserts to perfect the menu.outdoor party with drinks
  4. Install a grill and arrange for a refrigerator: Give your patio a classy look by installing a grill and placing a refrigerator. The grill would be useful for cooking food and the refrigerator would help the guests to enjoy cool beverages of their choice.
  5. Arrange for music and games: While planning a patio soiree, ensure that you place a good music system to add life to the party. Music in the background would help elevate the mood of your guests and make your party much more enjoyable. Alternatively, you may also invite musicians and artists to perform at the party. A patio party is not complete without games. You can plan interesting games for your guests such as card games, chess and checkers. For those who are fond of outdoor games, you can set up volleyball net and even play bocce ball, football or Frisbee.

These are the 5 magical steps to throw a successful patio get-together. Next time while hosting a patio party, follow these tips to make your get-together an exceptional experience for your guests.


„My Funny Outdoor Furniture Story“ Contest

Do you have a funny or exciting story to share evolving around outdoor furniture or living outside on the deck, patio or garden?

outdoor furniture resin wicker contest partyPatio furniture that collapsed, a cool party that you and your friends still talk about, a funny encounter or joke somebody told on a patio, great food or drinks enjoyed?

We are looking for Canada’s best outdoor furniture stories. Leave a comment to this post describing your funny story or tell us what happened the last time you were actually on a patio. We will randomly draw a winner.

There will be multiple contests throughout the year. You can participate in every draw, but may only submit one comment per draw/contest.  The winners will receive a $300 gift certificate for outdoor furniture by Beliani.ca. Even though not a requirement for participation, we appreciate your tags and bookmarks!

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Celebrities and their Patio Furniture

synthetic rattan wicker outdoor patio furniturePatio furniture greatly enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor living space. If you are planning to decorate an outdoor deck or a small garden area, choosing the right patio furniture as per the size and theme of your patio would make your outdoor living space more inviting. Patio furniture also comes with accessories like Patio umbrellas and patio fire-pits to add comfort to you summer and winter outdoor soirees respectively. Besides this, you can also jazz up your patio with patio lamps, gazebos, garden benches hammocks, etc. to give your outdoor living space a complete look. Here are the examples of how celebrities have added glamour to their homes by embellishing their patio with the best outdoor furniture.

Ocean view from Cher’s patio (above)

Cher’s patio looks out of the world with the woven synthetic rattan outdoor furniture set.  The Egyptian sculpture resting on the woven-reed table adds an extra charm along with the bronze oil lamps. The patio furniture and the accessories completely harmonize the heavenly view of the ocean. The cool ambiance of the patio beside the pool makes it a perfect venue for relaxing in the summer season.

outdoor wicker conversation patio setlance armstrong in front of wicker patio furniture

Lance Armstrong’s Pool Cabana

Mere words are not enough to describe the beautiful pool cabana of former American professional road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong. Chairs and sofa with outdoor fabric, similar to Beliani’s outdoor conversation set Rimini perfectly suits the beautiful and comforting ambiance. The shades of the chairs and cushions along with the chandelier perfectly complement the color of the wall.




Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pool Deck

contemporary patio furniture outdoor sofa on Gwyneth Paltrow's poolActress Paltrow on furnitureActor Gwyneth Paltrow has brilliantly decorated her private pool with the apt patio furniture. The outdoor sofa set beside the swimming pool perfectly matches the ambiance of this beautiful deck. The contemporary sofa and chairs are fashionable and finished in dark brown outdoor wicker, similar to Beliani’s contemporary outdoor sofa set Roma, to present a perfect balance between nature and civilization.



You might not be able to afford these fancy pools, cabanas or huge backyards. But you too can lounge and dine like the stars in your garden and on your patio. Beliani makes sure you are getting the latest modern designs in outdoor furniture for your home at outlet prices.

Yours to enjoy!

Best Outdoor Furniture Designs for this Season

Are you planning to buy some eccentric furniture for your patio?

If yes, we are here to guide you with the top four provocative patio furniture designs to add extra appeal to your deck or garden.

1. All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture Set: The Piazza Collection

All Weather Wicker Sectional Patio Furniture Set

This sectional sofa has been specially designed to add comfort and style to your outdoor living space. This sleek and stylish patio sofa set made of long-lasting and superior quality resin wicker gives your patio a traditional look with a naturally elegant appearance.

The Piazza comes with cushions made of fade-resistant fabric. It includes a corner love-seat, armless love-seats, corner club chair and a coffee table.


2. Rattan Patio Furniture: Rocking Lounger “Banana”

Rattan Patio Furniture Outdoor Lounger

This semi-circular Rocking Bed Banana is a simple yet trendy couch that can easily add style to your patio thus creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere to curl up and take a nap. The natural color of rattan provides a graceful feel to your outdoor living space. This cozy and comfortable outdoor lounger comes with a pillow that extends all along to support your body. Rocking Bed Banana is made of all weather-resistant materials and hence it is durable and lasts long even in extreme weather.


3. All Weather Wicker Patio Sectional Sofa: The Vienne Collection

outdoor sectional sofa resin wicker

This amazing sectional sofa by the Vienne Collection is apt for hosting vivacious patio soirees and family gatherings. This classy sectional sofa comes with canvas colored seat cushions made of fade-resistant fabric. Each piece of this sectional sofa is made of a strong rustproof aluminum frame coated with weather proof resin wicker that makes it durable besides giving the furniture a modern and trendy look. This wicker furniture set is fully welded and properly woven for extra durability.

The Sectional Outdoor Sofa by the Vienne Collection comes with two sofas, ottoman with cushions and a coffee table.


4. All-weather Wicker Patio Furniture Day Bed: The Maldives Collection

Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture Day Bed

This comfortable outdoor day bed made of long-lasting all-weather wicker, features a high-back with compact cushions made of fade-resistant fabric. Each piece of this gorgeous patio-bed has been made of durable and all welded aluminum frames. This exceptional patio bed has been aptly woven and specially designed to fit perfectly on your deck and porch irrespective of the size of your patio. For extra comfort, you can either drag the pieces of the furniture to get sufficient space or join them together to relax on this stylish day bed.

The modern outdoor day-bed consists of two interlocking lounges, canvas natural and raven-black cushions along with a coffee table. Being made of natural element, it can be easily rinsed off with water and mild soap.

Provide your patio with a fresh new look by adorning it with the best furniture designs of the season. Patio furniture is always a useful addition to your outdoor living space and remodeling your patio with new furniture occasionally gives your patio a vibrant look thereby providing you with a feeling of deep relaxation.



Jazz up your Patio Parties with an Outdoor Patio Bar!

Are you planning on throwing any patio parties this year?

An outdoor bar can be an excellent addition if you have sufficient space on your patio. Outdoor bars are highly in vogue these days and are preferred not only by the bar owners, but it is also the preferred choice of households. Nothing can be more refreshing than relaxing on your patio and enjoying a glass of wine amidst the fresh air. If you plan to throw a wine party or a cocktail evening to enjoy with your family and friends, an outdoor bar is an ideal companion for your patio for spring, summer and fall. If you are planning to host a sophisticated patio party for your friends, make sure that you add a stylish outdoor bar set to your deck or patio to give it the right ambience.

Patio bars are available in a wide array of designs and colors so that you can choose the best pattern and shade to suit the theme of your patio. Outdoor bar sets are also available in a variety of materials. You can choose bar sets made of wrought iron, teak outdoor bar sets, rattan bar sets, all-weather wicker outdoor bar sets and patio bar sets made of eucalyptus wood. If you are hosting a beach theme party, a tiki bar set will be an ideal addition to your garden or terrace. Usually, outdoor bar sets consist of a bar, a bar table along with bar stools. Some patio bar sets include accessories like drink cabinets and mini refrigerators. Portable patio bar sets are also available so that they can be easily removed as per your convenience.

Jazz up your Patio Parties with an Outdoor Patio Bar!
This elegant patio bar set by Beliani is ideal for both commercial and domestic use. This outdoor bar set consists of a dark brown wicker with 6 chairs and a tempered glass top. This comfortable bar set is spacious enough for your entire family as well as friends. Your guests would love to sit and relax at the patio bar while enjoying drinks. The all-weather wicker furniture is made with a powder coated aluminum frame. The cushions are specially coated so that liquids can be wiped away easily. Beliani is known for its high-quality patio furniture that is ideal for the Canadian weather. This environmentally friendly bar set by Beliani is rust free and can be used in any season as it is weatherproof and resistant to dirt, mold and ultraviolet rays.

Time to set up your outdoor space and have some fun!

Contemporary Designs in Outdoor Umbrellas

The outdoor living space has become an extension of our house. Homeowners are craving for additional ways to create an ideal open-air environment, as soon as the temperatures allow it. So while you are planning to put in a lot of time, money and effort for that perfect ‘outdoor living space’ you certainly want it to look good and fashionable. You can choose from the numerous umbrella options to get that extra visual detail! There are quite a number of outdoor umbrella designs available in the market that can convert your simple outdoor area into a stylish retreat.

outdoor cantilever umbrella for patio and gardenOffset Umbrella or Cantilever:

The cantilever is a stylish and unique umbrella that has gained more and more market share in the past years. Its popularity has grown from a niche product to a widely acknowledged product. While offset umbrellas are known for their unique look, quality and the ability to withstand any weather have made them popular all around the globe. They provide a visually appealing aspect to your outdoor environment by blending with any kind of design scheme and adding style to the mix. Versatility is another amazing factor with cantilever outdoor umbrellas. Whether lounging by your favorite water, be it the beach, lakeside or the backyard pool cantilevered side post umbrellas can adjust their shading canopy according to your position. While not all cantilevers have the same functionalities, the high end models go as far as allowing a 360-rotation. Turn your side post umbrella in any desired direction to protect you and your family form the sun!

Done with the dining, where you have a pole right in the middle of the conversation. What’s more, you can enjoy a quick nap by positioning the cantilever near the relaxing chaise lounge. A cantilever umbrella would be appealing and efficient in any outdoor space.

The tricky part with this kind of umbrella is the canopy being held from one side, therefore the load falls on only one side. The base needs a good strong design to keep the umbrella erect under all weather conditions. This makes it usually a little more costly compared to a conventional market umbrella. Some cantilever umbrellas are designed to use a plastic base filled with gallons of water to give the base extra bottom heaviness. These kinds are difficult to move as they are heavy and water will need to be drained to be able to move the umbrella to a safe place. Other designs use a cross base that can be used with patio stones or to be screwed into a wooden deck.

outdoor umbrella with patioMarket Umbrellas:

A traditional central pole umbrella is called a market umbrella. These types of umbrellas were used mainly in the market places in the earlier times. However, nowadays market umbrellas are used in every possible location! Market umbrellas have different styles of canopies to them. A post with a canopy on top of it is the most common type of market umbrella.  The size of the canopy can range from 6’ up to 11’ or more complete with unique custom bases or lever arms. These umbrellas are popular in pool side settings as they give a wide range of shade.

Market umbrellas in a café setting are usually made with a heavy metal base. This looks attractive and is less bulky than plastic water bases, providing ample space for sitting outdoors. All advanced umbrellas come with some type of venting system on the top allowing hot air and wind to escape. Market umbrellas usually cost in between $80-150, while the most basic cantilevers start around $150.

How to Choose Outdoor Patio Furniture for Condo Balcony or Terrace?

Condominiums or condos as they are called are the most convenient type of apartments people prefer to live in nowadays. They are becoming so popular in the big Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal etc, that they have started selling like hot pancakes. Condos are usually quite affordable and hardly require any maintenance, everything is taken care of.

One of the challenges that condo dwellers seem to face is how to decorate their balcony or terrace when there is scarcity of space. Spaces in modern condos are often tight and that includes the outdoor patio space of the individual units. But it’s really not that big a deal if you know exactly what furniture to use. And then with a little imagination and creativity, you can turn your small balcony into a beautiful place. Here are a few things to be kept in mind.

Condo Balcony Patio Furniture

How to Choose the Appropriate Furniture that Suits the Balcony or Terrace:  If you are like most people and did not have the change for a million Dollar penthouse, your  condo balcony will most likely not be much larger than a stamp. And you cannot even think about accommodating a patio dining table or a trendy lounge, hm!?

So, time to exhale and do things wisely, saving you both time and money. First, inspect the layout of your space thoroughly and get the measurements of the balcony or terrace. It doesn’t take too long and after it’s done you are set to start choosing condo outdoor furniture according to your budget, lifestyle and taste. Keep in mind the type of condo that you live in. Is it modern like most new developments in downtown Toronto? Go with modern outdoor furniture!

Condo Balcony Bistro Set outdoor furniture


Furniture that looks best on the balcony of a modern condo: This is another question which tends to confuse people. But the answer, in fact, is simple. One of the most popular activities that people do on a terrace or a balcony is to eat meals or enjoy a morning beverage or an evening cocktail. Since the space is small options are limited. But a small bistro set is perfect to give that comfort and is also helpful for entertaining the guest. These bistro sets comprise of a bistro style table and some comfy chairs where you can just relax and enjoy  the company and – hopefully – the view. If your space allows it, you could even opt for a small outdoor bar set that can make an excellent hangout for family and friends.

outdoor wicker condo furniture

So, if the balcony of a condo can be decorated so stylishly with great furniture and a little effort, then who needs a bigger apartment?

This cool set of balcony furniture is by Beliani and fits everywhere.


The Funniest Sofa Videos on Youtube

Here is some fun stuff. We have been hunting for the funniest videos to do with couches and sofas and found some quite remarkable stuff. How to have fun with your sofa, check it out:


In this video, Nikki hollowes out a couch, hides inside, and scares the crap out of John!



Seinfeld, Season 6, Episode 91
Poppie pees on Jerry’s new couch. Kramer’s reaction is priceless…



He played Harry the old man and ran an ad on craigslist to sell his sofa. After some people drive 2 hours to pick up the couch, Harry tells them he had an accident on the couch. Then Harry leaves and let the fun begin!


Beliani – your sofa outlet in Canada


Modern Sofas – Genuine Leather or Bonded Leather?

genuine leather sofaLeather furniture can add beauty and sophistication to any room, no question. A well made leather sofa is durable and can last for generations. However, the market place is currently full of diverse leather and leather-like products for you to choose or rather confuse! Understanding the leather products will help you to make the right choice when shopping.


Difference between genuine leather and bonded leather

Genuine leather is made from the hides and skins of animals. They are then tanned with vegetable tannins and chromium salts. They are known for strength and grained texture. Whereas bonded leather is shaped when leather scraps and fibers are mixed together. They are then twisted into a roll using glue or other bonding materials.

It is very hard to differentiate between bonded leather and genuine leather as far as quality and looks are concerned. If the bonded leather is done suitably it may look akin to genuine leather with the same smell, appearance and function. In that case, you may look for the texture of the bonded leather which may not be as well-defined as that of the natural-grained genuine leather. While bonded leather has the reputation of being not as durable as genuine leather, the bonded leather on my BMW seats holds up very well. It actually looks even better than some of its genuine counter parts, which tend to become wrinkly over time. On the other hand, genuine leather has the reputation of getting better with age. It usually becomes more soft and worn in, giving it the unique look.

modern leather sofas, contemporary design couchThe cost advantage is the main benefit of bonded leather. Due to its economical price (bonded leathers are 30% percent less) many people can afford high-end furniture—great looking designs at low price.

And here is an entirely different perspective: Considering the fact that bonded leather is made from scraps, that would otherwise be wasted, it might be a good idea to go for bonded leather furniture from an environmental point of view.

Beliani uses both bonded and genuine leather for their modern leather sofas. Thus, harvesting the advantages of both materials.

Singing the Tired Old Patio Blues? – Modern Outdoor Garden Furniture to the Rescue

Is this what your backyard looks like?

garden and outdoor furniture in TorontoLet us face the facts here, if you have a look at the average garden in Toronto, you will find that the outdoor furniture used is pretty
standard and boring looking. Thank god, the furniture has been removed to take this photo!

What’s wrong with us, are we afraid to experiment with this area of our home? Is it to burdensome to put some effort into or decks and patios, or do some of us just not appreciate being outside? I surely wouldn’t if my patio looked like that. And at the same time I get it, we all live busy lives and sometimes it’s hard fitting in all these chores. But this year it will be different…

What if your patio were to look something like this?

modern outdoor furniture in gardenHold on! One step at a time. Before you win the lottery and buy this home, one thing to bring you a step closer to a dream backyard is modern garden furniture.

The difference is that a modern garden furniture style will bring sophistication and add a great value to your patio and home. Modern outdoor furniture will add something special to your home, so instead of being stuck indoors all the time, why not buy outdoor furniture for friends and family to enjoy.

The cool thing about this type of outdoor furniture is that there are hundreds if not thousands of designs to choose from; anything from bizarre to simple to elegant, which all looks great, even if you don’t have a multi-millionaire backyard.

While you are searching for outdoor furniture for your home you should always consider
the space you actually have outside and how much you can fit in with everything else
added in. Take measurements before you go shopping! Try not to ruin the effect by having nice modern garden furniture alongside some old plastic furniture, or trying to fit too many pieces, leave it some space.

Now get out there, throw out these ugly old hand-me-down chairs that your parents bought at a garage sale 20 years ago, and start shopping, it is your time to be creative after all!

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