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How to recognize a true Chesterfield sofa?

brown leather chesterfield couch 3-seaterModern sofas come in all different colors , sizes, designs and materials; the sleek modern sectional with dark grey fabric, a peppy red vinyl loveseat or a classy traditional genuine leather couch. And you’ve certainly come across the term “Chesterfield”. In fact my mother in law uses it all the time, for all kinds of furniture. But that’s another story….

Where does that distinctive name come from?

philip_standhope_4th_earl_of_chesterfieldEven though the term may be used more broadly in daily use, strictly speaking, there are certain well defined criteria that that make a Chesterfield. There are leather sofas, chairs, chaises and other furniture made in the classic Chesterfield style. As is common, the name originates from a person, in this case, the English Lord Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694 – 1773). In his old age, the Earl asked for production of a sofa that should be of high quality and express royal class. Based on the proverbial British stiffness, of course, it had to accommodate a comfortable, upright seating position.

The quilted upholstery with buttons emerged as the main aspect of identification for this type of furniture. Top grade leather as well as a back rest at the same height as the armrests form a further point of distinction.  Today, we see many adapted versions of the Chesterfield, some of them very close to the original, others a modern interpretation of the design. Most of them strive to maintain the same elegance that was attributed to that sofa of the 1700’s. Read more on Wikipedia.

Chesterfield genuine leather sofaleather sofa in chesterfield styleBeliani offers a contemporary version of the sofa. Browse our leather sofas.

Michael Bublé on Beliani Leather Sofa

leather chesterfield sofa with Michael BubleIs Michael Bublé sitting on a Beliani Chesterfield sofa?

I found the photo in the House & Home magazine and can’t get the thought out of my head that this might be a Beliani couch. The photo shows Michael Bublé in his Los Angeles home, nothing short of a mansion, btw. The man has made oodles of money in the past years, selling his music albums all over the world. He is currently featuring a Christmas album, which I have not yet heard, but the marketing looks excessively cheesy, unfortunately. But that’s not the point here. He is a fantastic singer, so definitely deserves all the success, and oh, yes of course, he is Canadian, what else!

In the photo, he is smiling at us from a leather couch that could be mistaken for a Beliani Chesterfield sofa. I know, the man can afford the top of the line brands. But why not save close to two grand and buy a leather sofa with Beliani, that is almost identical to the original designer piece. Who can’t use that money for some other nice things, especially when the holidays are right around the corner?!?