10 Tips to take care of your Leather Sofa

The beauty and elegance of your living room depends on proper maintenance of the furniture that embellishes your living room. After all who doesn’t want to create a good impression on their guests and brag a little about their plush living room decoration, right? Leather sofas are an important component of every living room. Hence, proper maintenance of leather sofa is very essential to preserve the grace and beauty of your living room.

Here are 10 essential tips that will guide you to take proper care of your leather sofa.

1. Follow Instructions: In order to take proper care of your leather couch, always follow the instructions that come with your sofa. At times, the manufacturer provides you with a user manual that contains guidelines for maintaining your leather sofa.

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2. Cleaning: Ideally you should contact the manufacturer to clean your leather sofa. Alternatively you can take the help of professional sofa cleaners to clean your leather sofa without damaging it. If you prefer to clean the leather sofa yourself, always use a vacuum for loose dirt or soap to remove stains. Ensure that you are using a soap without chemical additives.

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3. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions: You should never use harsh cleansing solutions to clean your leather sofa as they might damage the surface of leather sofa drastically.

4. Protect leather sofa from direct sunlight: Excessive heat and direct sunlight can damage your leather sofa causing it to develop cracks. Therefore, ensure that your leather sofa is placed away from direct sunlight or shield your living room with blinds or drapery to protect your leather sofa.

5. Clean up spills immediately: Leather is extremely porous in nature and if you don’t clean the spills instantly, the liquid will penetrate and can leave an everlasting stain on your leather sofa.
6. Take special care for removing stains: You should follow different procedures to remove different kind of stains. For example, in order to get rid of ink stain, use a cotton swab and dip it in Isopropyl alcohol. Then gently rub the cotton swab on the stain. Now dry the area with the help of a drier, set on low heat setting. For removing grease stains from a leather sofa, avoid using water and clean the stain using a dry scrap.

7. Daily Maintenance: Clean your leather sofa regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to get rid of dust from the surface of the leather. Also, you should use leather conditioner once every three months. To protect the natural sheen of leather, use leather protectant spray once every month.

Modern Leather Sofa Furniture love seat

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8. Get professional help: If you notice any cracks or rip on your leather sofa, contact your retailer or ask for the assistance of a professional sofa repair company.

9. Protect sofa from sharp objects: You should always protect your leather sofa from sharp objects like knives or scissors. Even jewellery can leave ugly scratches.

10. Keep pets away from the leather sofa: Pets can seriously damage a leather sofa. I know you love your little ones, but make sure you train them to not jump on your furniture, or assign them their spot on a blanked to protect the sofa.


Sofas constitute the main component of a stylish living room; therefore you should take regular care of your leather sofa. The above mentioned tips will help you to maintain the qualitative integrity of your product thus enhancing the longevity of your leather sofa.

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