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Summer is almost over but we are sure that you have great stories and memories to share with us: a cool party with old friends, a great family meeting or just a funny dinner with the kids. Sometimes most of the best conversations take place around a table or enjoying a drink while sitting on a nice sofa outside. Share with us your best anecdotes or conversations of this Summer 2013 and win a $300 voucher that you can spend on an outdoor sofa set by Beliani. The next step is start dreaming about summer 2014 and the stories that you are sharing with your guests. beliani wicker lounge set How to participate? It’s easy! leave us a comment to this post telling the best anecdote, story or conversation that you enjoyed this summer on a patio or deck. We will randomly draw a winner. There will be multiple contests throughout the year. You can participate in every draw, but may only submit one comment per draw/contest.  Even though not a requirement for participation, we appreciate your tags and bookmarks! as well as your like on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/beliani.usa We will not share any emails nor use them for any marketing purposes, we simply ask for them so we can contact the winners. Your personal details will not be visible to other users. By entering the contest you confirm to have read and agreed to the Contest Rules. Good Luck!

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  1. Nothing is better that watching a sunset over the desert. I recently celebrated my boyfriends 50th birthday, with an amazing bottle of wine, and realized that writing about food and wine is what’s been missing from our life! We’re now learning how to set up a blog and all the others out there to share stories with.

  2. My husband & I watching our two, young sons play nicely together. We both spoke of how even though everything in life may not be perfect right now, our family was very blessed, and very lucky.

  3. Nothing better then sitting on our back porch, listening to the artists at Freedom Fest and enjoying a day off.

  4. My favorite conversation on my deck consisted of my family talking about what we would do if we won the lottery. It was fun to hear how everyone would spend it differently and interesting to learn in what ways we would spend it the same.

  5. My sister just moved to a new house and got really nice patio furniture. We celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday party there. A lot of family and a lot of great conversation ensued, and I remember my cousin saying how comfortable the furniture was.

    It looked VERY similar to the one pictured and I’d imagine it’s also Beliani, so not only will this bring me back to that summer moment, I bet I’ll really enjoy sitting in it.

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  7. we were watching our son ride his first dirt bike on his birthday and hoping our daughter was enjoying destin flordia on her vacation with her friends

  8. I’m 59 and living in a 55+ complex and when I take a ride in my wheelchair to the stores, I sit outside and talk to the seniors, listening to their stories of what they did in their lives , about their families and grand kids, and what they’re doing that afternoon. I’ve gained a lot of patience since I have a few more years to be where they’re at in their lives now.

  9. on our porch, we like to grill out and have some drinks. we don’t have anything to sit on though so we don’t stay out there. i would love to win this so we could sit outside while are kids play!

  10. Actually it happened last saturday. My husband and I was just moved into this house. Barely! And we was talking about how our house is bare, but how blessed we are to have a roof over our heads. How we might be broke, but have each other. That there will be better days ahead of us. <3

  11. My fiance whom I love more then anything asked me to marry him on the beach this summer, I want to turn my patio into a beautiful beach getaway so I can remember that perfect moment forever.

  12. Having a family BBQ/Pool party is the best outdoor activity you can have. Families become closer and stronger when they interact on a regular basis.

  13. We moved to a new house this year & the little ones insisted on eating on the deck – even though we have no garden furniture! So we had to drag the camping furniture out & eat dinner on that every night.

  14. Sitting around talking really late with my mom (AKA my absolute best friend) about a computer I was fixing for a friend recently. This computer was from 2002 (no updates/service packs or anything)… So as I was getting frustrated with the computer because it was taking too long to complete any task whatsoever… I thought about it and started talking to my mom:
    Do you remember our old computer that we used to have that was so slow and had a lot of problems?
    She said: Oh you mean the one that wouldn’t turn on when you wanted it to and wouldn’t turn off when you wanted it to??
    I said: Yeah…. you know how when we would turn it off and it would make that noise that sounds like “WHHHHEEEWWW…” (like thank god I get to rest now haha)
    I continued to say I have a good feeling this one will be saying “WHHHHEEEEWWW” very soon.
    Sure enough it did when I had to shut it down. (At that point I was almost saying the same thing for me lol)

    **Not too sure if it was because we were super tired already or if it really was funny to begin with…if not that story then more than likely the dreams I have had over the past year or so from being too into ultrasound school. :)

  15. While sitting outside on our green plastic furniture watching our two boys circle around us, my husband, myself and in-laws shared stories about how to survive parenthood :)

  16. The best conversation I had on a deck this summer would be with my husband about our hopes, dreams and future together. We always like to do wishful thinking, ie: if we had alot of money we would do this/that to make our home sparkle even more. :))

  17. My favorite part of the summer was watching my baby daughter learn how to walk for the first time. She was on our patio when she took her first steps!

  18. Went to Key West and sat outside with our neighbors there and talked for hours about our jobs, where we lived, etc just getting to know each other.

  19. The best story I heard on my Patio was my father in law telling us about his adventure flying (1st time in an airport) his flight was delayed and he was going to miss his connecting flight. He had to sprint from one terminal to another so he could make the flight and was running with my mother-in law. A person sitting by thought he was chasing her and got up and tackled him. My mother in law didnt even notice until she got to the gate that she was alone. Things were straighten out but the way he tells it is so funny. and they made the flight too!

  20. Just caught up with family on the patio about what is going on in their lives. The patio is the best place for these conversations. It is so peaceful.

  21. The best conversation I enjoyed in my patio this year was recalling the story of the “frozen chicken”. Moral of the story is to never let my husband cook chicken if you want your chicken thoroughly cooked!

  22. I sat with my Grandfather this summer over some ice tea and spoke with him about WWII and his role in the war. We spoke of how he met my Grandmother who passed away 10 years ago and how much she would have loved to be a part of my life now. I’ll never forget it. :)

  23. I just enjoyed the time when I was visiting my parents and we would sit on the back porch in the evening and just relax and catch up.

  24. My wife and I were sitting by the pool holding our newborn daughter and watching our 2 year old son swim underwater from one end of the pool to the next. We talked about how blessed we were to have our new daughter and to have such a wonderful boy who is so sweet and happy all of the time and how he never cries about anything and how eager he is to try and help take care of his new sister. We hoped he would stay that way and that our daughter would also have the same inner calm, cheerfulness, and happiness.

  25. Wonderful memories from the summer sitting on my patio enjoying the sun,breeze,birds,flowers,conversations with my company and great b-b-q!

  26. My grandmother and I sat on her porch talking about how her chihuahua runs around and attacks people and dogs.It’s never a serious attack-just light bites.While we were talking about this ,her dog jumped off the porch and ran after another dog and then a motorcycle.

  27. Watching the kids put up the new tent 10 feet away from the porch – listening to their overnight plans and reminiscing over our first camping experiences.

  28. We had our first summer with an outdoor firepit at our new rental house this year. It’s so nice to relax on a summer evening with a drink in your hand in front of the fire.

  29. Every time I get new patio furniture, a new kitten wanders into my yard, plops down on the sofa and becomes one of the family. We’re kitty magnets over here

  30. Sitting waiting for the fireworks to start. My friend and I were talking about how American’s talk the talk, but are not willing to walk the walk for their freedom.

  31. my ultimate best time on the patio was bonding with my grandma about growing up into a role model for my siblings when our mom passed away young i grew up then

  32. Watching my daughter play with her friends in the yard while enjoying a frosty cold one. Perfect deck enjoyment.

  33. I was standing outside having a barbecue talking to my husband about how we needed some patio furniture. It would be nice to win, so at least I could feel like someone was listening to me.

  34. The story I like to tell is about my back screened room. A squirrel made his way in and I was screaming and trying to get the squirrel out with a broom without hurting it and my child was looking out the screen door at me like I was crazy. Luckily I got it out without either of us hurting each other Haha.

  35. The best conversation I had on my back porch is with my children. Watching them run, jump, and play is so relaxing to me. They really dont talk about anything (4,6) but they do giggle and run about and sitting out there watching them creates a lifetime of memories.

  36. The best conversation our family has had this summer on our deck has been about family memories and the memories yet to come as the grandkids get older.

  37. We have a screened in patio that is a great place to sit and relax during the warm weather. My cousin who I haven’t seen in a while came by and it was nice to sit and talk about our childhood memories.

  38. My husband and I sat on our naked and bare porch this summer talking about how we need patio furniture and how nice it would look. Well we have just moved and are broke. I came up with an idea. We will enter some cool giveaway and win the patio furniture. Hence,here I am!

  39. My husband and I have made our patio a tropical haven with palm trees and succulent plants in colorful pots, bright mats with birds amid a backdrop of trees, bird feeders, bird baths, and bamboo plants.

  40. We have a patio that is so small it can only hold one chair and one tiny side table so we take turns sitting on the patio while the other sits inside and we talk through the screen door!

  41. My daughter and I were sitting on the back patio remembering fun times with my two sisters who both passed away from breast cancer. We were able to share stories about them and laugh for the first time since their passing. Gosh, how I miss them.

  42. Not one, but two of my friend’s tiki torches lit on fire while were sitting on the deck enjoying some wine!!

  43. Listening to the conversation of my husband and my 70 year old neighbor while they got drunk on a bottle of wine one summer night. It was hysterical

  44. Sitting on our porch drinking lemonade, we bought from kids lemonade stand. Can’t believe kid’s still sell lemonade, it was nice to reminisce about being a kid with friends.

  45. The best conversation I had this summer on our deck was with my daughter there is no place like home :)

  46. We had a pool for years, but unfortunately no furniture for our deck. I would love to have a place to have company and entertain.

  47. Brother-in-law was smoking on my deck and set a plastic flower pot on fire. About an hour later all these fire trucks come up to my door, had no idea what was going on. They’re banning on my door yelling my deck was on fire. Everything is o.k. but could have killed him.

  48. I was sitting outside on my deck, with a group of friends sipping tea -We discussed 2 important questions… What kind of underwear do you think Brad Pitt wears? What’s better than chocolate?

  49. My best conversation out on the deck was over a glass of lovely wine and under a full moon. We talked about people and places we loved and hoped to always revisit.

  50. The best conversation we had this year on the deck was planning a friend’s non-traditional wedding and all the fun we were going to have with it!

  51. My all time favorite conversation this summer was with my oldest son. He is 6 and a girl in his kindergarten class lost a tooth and we had never talked about the tooth fairy before. The conversation ended like this:
    Me: …then the tooth fairy will leave a surprise under your pillow
    Son: like chocolate?
    Me: no, like money
    Son: but I want chocolate
    Me: why not use your money to buy chocolate? Chocolate would melt all over your pillow
    Son: but I’d have to wait for the chocolate. She can leave it in the fridge and leave me a note
    Me: I’ll email her and see what I can do

  52. there is no place better than sitting on the deck/porch and watching the sun rise, drinking some coffee and planning the day. doesn’t get any better than that

  53. My fiance and I at the park with our grandchildren, watching them run and play with not a care in the world.

  54. Sitting around the picnic table at my one aunt’s house, we all shared memories and laughs over my mother who passed away two years ago. It was a great night full of cheer, a little heartache, and the joy in being able to celebrate her among us.

  55. We’ve enjoyed having our pool, though it’s nothing fancy, and grilling out by it. We’ve enjoyed being able to share it with other family and friends and have especially enjoyed the resulting quality time we’ve been able to share with all of them. I’m most happy that my kids are collecting lots of happy memories.

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