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Setting Up Modern Design Sofa Rotunde

All Beliani sofas are fairly easy to set up. This quick guide shows you how.

The Rotunde comes in leather as well as polyester fabric and Beliani also offers a variety of different colors on this popular sectional.

sectional sofaAfter removing the box, you may want to familiarize yourself with the four different sections the sofa comes in, and where they belong. The piece with the armrest on the side is the end section on your left when facing the couch. The second piece has a solid back rest that goes all the length of this section. The part without back or arm rests is your ottoman section, finishing the sofa on your right.

measurements sofaAssembling the legs is easy. You can find them in the pockets underneath each sofa section. All legs have screw-in ends that can be inserted into the bolts on the underside of the sofa. Please do not over tighten. In case the sofa is missing a bolt, you can pre-drill a hole and screw the leg directly into the wood frame.

As a next step, gather the connector pieces and attach them to the side of each section, on the end that will be touching the adjacent section. One section will have a connector piece with the latch up, the other one will have it down, so both pieces will hook together. You can try this out by first holding two connectors and fitting them together in your hands.

modern circular sofa Rotunde by Beliani close upAll that’s left is joining the four sections together as shown on the photo. Make sure to place your new sofa into its desired location before completing the final assembly.

Pad yourself on the shoulder and enjoy!

Latest Modern Sofa Designs by Beliani

modern fabric sofa rotunde by belianiFinally there here. Beliani has completed its indoor collection by adding sharp looking fabric sofas. The great designs like the Rotunde and Olso continue to be available in genuine leather. The options for polyester fabric are now available too.

Once more, Beliani does not strive to offer hundreds of variations, but has limited the selection to a few high quality fabrics that hit the nerve of most fashionistas. Limiting the variety leads to substantial savings in production that are being passed on to the customer as un-matched low prices for a quality product. The other advantage are the short lead times. The sofas are stocked centrally in the USA, with an average order ship time of 12 days within the States.

Stockholm by Beliani sectional sofaLet’s have a look at the Stockholm in beige for example. The frame is still made with sturdy hardwood. Springs and high density foam guarantee for comfort and steel legs complement the trendy look. The fabric has a smooth surface for the whole family to get comfortable in front of the TV. The color appears neutral, I am tempted to say natural, making it easy to combine the modern sofa with other style elements in your living room.

modern l-shape sofa in dark grey fabric Oslo by BelianiMy personal favorite are the couches with the dark grey fabric. I especially like the Oslo sectional. They look awesome and complement extremely well with virtually all types of hardwood floors as well as area rugs in most colors. The cool L-shape comes as a 3-seater sofa with a right facing chaise. Super comfy to relax while reading or watching a show. The ottoman is great to put up your feet when sitting on the other side of the couch. All back pillows are removable so you can configure then however you desire.

Browse the Beliani website for these and other pieces of the fabric and leather collections, find matching coffee tables and more.