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What to Look Out For When Having Outdoor Furniture Delivered

modern furniture delivery truckOrdering modern outdoor furniture online is easy, right?

You choose your product, place it in the cart and check out. A couple of days later you receive a call and a friendly young man delivers the furniture right into your home. But not so fast!

Not that it is the norm, but once in a while things do go wrong. And it is helpful to know how to protect yourself, just in case.

Let’s assume for a moment, you have ordered some fancy modern outdoor furniture, taking advantage of the low prices the web has to offer, e.g. at Beliani Furniture Outlet. A week or so later the delivery truck shows up and off-loads a few cardboard boxes. You notice that one of them is torn on the side and it has a bit of a dent. What now?

Since you have been shopping with a reputable company, you will have received an email a couple of days back, instructing you exactly what to do in such a situation. You may even still have it handy on your smartphone or tablet. You proceed as instructed and will live happily with your furniture ever after.

furniture boxesWhat if you did not receive any information from your retailer? Sure, you could call them right away and ask, but in the heat, things tend to go wrong. Whatever you do now, if you sign the paper that the smiling driver hands you, without clearly noting a damage, you might be out of luck. Mind you, since you noted the tear on the box, you will probably go ahead and take a closer look, making sure the contents are in good shape. Well done! If there is a problem with your new outdoor furniture, you have 2 options: 1. Refuse the freight and send it back, 2. Accept the goods, noting the word “Damaged” on the so called Proof of Delivery (POD). Then snap photos showing the issue and send them to your retailer. Chances are, not all pieces are broken and only the damaged parts need replacement.

The tricky part is, when the truck arrives and all the boxes look fine. The driver hands you the POD and ask for you to sign. He is a bit behind schedule and needs to hurry to the next job. Who is bold enough to go ahead and write “Damaged” on the POD without even opening the packaging? But that’s exactly what you have to do. Only then will you be able to successfully claim, in case you discover a broken item upon unpacking your furniture. Otherwise, the shipping company will assume that you have received the freight in fine condition and that the damage happened after delivery was completed. Most shippers are very black-and-white on this topic, so be prepared.

A good retailer will seek out the delivery firms that only have a low number of incidents, thus minimizing the chance of you ever having to deal with such a situation. More details on the general guidelines can be found here:

Hesitant to order furniture on the web after reading this? Don’t be. The advantages of shopping from the convenience of your home with an online retailer by far exceed the risks. Great service and fantastic prices are common practice. Happy shopping!

The Coolest Modern Coffee Table Designs for 2014

modern design coffee table white lacquerAre you still using the same coffee table you once inherited as a hand-me-down from a friend or family member? You haven’t noticed it was totally out of style, since you never paid much attention to it. Yes, they are small, and yes, they are not usually the most important pieces of furniture in a household. But they can be pretty darn ugly, cluttered with papers, DVDs and the like, causing the living room and its sofas to not quite live up to their potential…

Reason enough for me to put together a little collection of a few interesting pieces that I encountered while browsing the web recently. These are some great designs for 2014 and beyond. May your sofas live happily ever after!

The first shot features the Lagos modern design coffee table by Beliani. With its simplistic style it reminds me a lot of ZEN inspired designs. White lacquer forms the main part of the table, a walnut finish is sandwiched in the middle. A sleek rectangular shape that floats about an inch above ground. The table provides ample storage in the hidden drawer; the middle part slides out to the side. This table would be a great complement to modern sofas.

unique design coffee table glassArchipelago is one of the stunning tables created by Emmet Rock. A large stone is wrapped by a glass table top. It’s a delicate arrangement between two materials, raw and natural on the one side, clean and simple on the other: a modern design that begs us to question aesthetics through unconventional forms and shapes.





modern designer coffee table

modern designer coffee table with lightsThe Cocoon Coffee Table as designed by Clayton Tugonon is a handcrafted resin mold with rattan core. The round shape is reminiscent of a doughnut. Instead of a hole, there is a surface that serves as the table top. This designer piece has a light source on the inside, making it the absolute highlight of the modern home when lit up at night. The table seems to provide the living room with a glowing beam. The unique round is carried by stainless steel feet. It is available at All Modern for around $3600 retail, a rather pricey option but stunning.





high end coffee table modern designThis one is called “The Eye of the Universe”. If you were thinking $3600 is out of reach, how about $25K for this one!

Designer Danna Weiss uses solid Claro Walnut and a stainless steel base. The true wow factor is the precious and semi-precious gems that are inlaid and sealed into a branch gap in the piece of wood. But let’s hear the designer speak:

“Claro Walnut Wood is connected to wind, lightening, vortices and weather magic. The way the tree is shaped with the nuts growing off of the top connects it to the crown chakra and expansion. Its totem is the Bald Eagle and its color is Turquoise. It’s stones are Blue Topaz, and Sardonyx and it depicts centripetal force of outward movement and expansion. Expansion in wealth, horizons of the mind, and feelings. It’s scope is limitless and unfathomable. It assists in astral travel, teleportation, motivation, inspiration and the power of breath. It is associated with the gods, Vashaan, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, and Vishnu. It teaches us clarity, focus, and how to use our intelligence.”

Merry x-mas to those of you who can afford it. Everyone else, shop with Beliani for modern sofas and coffee tables. You will be just as happy!



How to recognize a true Chesterfield sofa?

brown leather chesterfield couch 3-seaterModern sofas come in all different colors , sizes, designs and materials; the sleek modern sectional with dark grey fabric, a peppy red vinyl loveseat or a classy traditional genuine leather couch. And you’ve certainly come across the term “Chesterfield”. In fact my mother in law uses it all the time, for all kinds of furniture. But that’s another story….

Where does that distinctive name come from?

philip_standhope_4th_earl_of_chesterfieldEven though the term may be used more broadly in daily use, strictly speaking, there are certain well defined criteria that that make a Chesterfield. There are leather sofas, chairs, chaises and other furniture made in the classic Chesterfield style. As is common, the name originates from a person, in this case, the English Lord Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694 – 1773). In his old age, the Earl asked for production of a sofa that should be of high quality and express royal class. Based on the proverbial British stiffness, of course, it had to accommodate a comfortable, upright seating position.

The quilted upholstery with buttons emerged as the main aspect of identification for this type of furniture. Top grade leather as well as a back rest at the same height as the armrests form a further point of distinction.  Today, we see many adapted versions of the Chesterfield, some of them very close to the original, others a modern interpretation of the design. Most of them strive to maintain the same elegance that was attributed to that sofa of the 1700’s. Read more on Wikipedia.

Chesterfield genuine leather sofaleather sofa in chesterfield styleBeliani offers a contemporary version of the sofa. Browse our leather sofas.

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set Contest

Summer is almost over but we are sure that you have great stories and memories to share with us: a cool party with old friends, a great family meeting or just a funny dinner with the kids. Sometimes most of the best conversations take place around a table or enjoying a drink while sitting on a nice sofa outside. Share with us your best anecdotes or conversations of this Summer 2013 and win a $300 voucher that you can spend on an outdoor sofa set by Beliani. The next step is start dreaming about summer 2014 and the stories that you are sharing with your guests. beliani wicker lounge set How to participate? It’s easy! leave us a comment to this post telling the best anecdote, story or conversation that you enjoyed this summer on a patio or deck. We will randomly draw a winner. There will be multiple contests throughout the year. You can participate in every draw, but may only submit one comment per draw/contest.  Even though not a requirement for participation, we appreciate your tags and bookmarks! as well as your like on our FB page: We will not share any emails nor use them for any marketing purposes, we simply ask for them so we can contact the winners. Your personal details will not be visible to other users. By entering the contest you confirm to have read and agreed to the Contest Rules. Good Luck!

Beliani Furniture Outlet on Gordon Ramsay TV Show

outdoor wicker dining set patio furniture

Beliani Furniture will get it’s first TV appearance in the dramatic show “Hotel Hell” with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.  FOX network has finished filming its episode at Meson De Mesilla, a troubled New Mexico, Rio Grande Valley Hotel. The show is planned to air this fall.

Online furniture outlet Beliani had been approached to provide some of their modern design patio furniture, which would be used to re-vamp the hotel. The photo above shows the outdoor wicker dining set. The US management was thrilled, “what a great opportunity to show our fine products to the North American public!”

With “Hotel Hell” Fox uses a similar plot as with “Kitchen Nightmares.” Gordon Ramsay will face a struggling hotel and try to turn it around while all drama is let loose between the owners, management and staff. Ramsay will live up to his reputation of being brutally honest, explicit and loud while dealing with everyone around him.

Built in the 1980s the Meson De Mesilla was once an affluent jazz hangout. The place has been run down and Ramsey shall be the hero picking up the pieces and getting it back on track. Below is a video that shows the hotel before the show. It gives insights into the management and an interview with the oblivious owner.

“I am getting nervous,” said Ceara Angel, 33, Meson de Mesilla’s lead chef (before filming). “I respect him as a chef. Sometimes people need to hear the hard truth.”

It remains to be seen, what kind of verbal and physical abuse the chef as well as the furniture will have to take from Ramsey….

Best New Modern Designs for Coffee Tables

Great modern designs can be hard to find. When I browse local furniture stores, I sometimes get the feeling, I am a rare species. Nobody offers quite what I am looking for. Let’s face it, if you look for a mainstream product, you won’t even have to search. They’re everywhere and at a low price too. What if you want to be different? What if you have an affinity for modern design?

That’s where it gets difficult and sometimes frustrating. Either you just can’t find anything you like, or it’s so insanely expensive that you have to throw the towel. When it comes to coffee tables or sofa tables, as some of us might call them, Beliani has just launched their new collection in North America. Beliani stands for modern design furniture at outlet prices, so definitely worth a look.

The EVORA as shown above is an interesting modern design with great functionality. The white lacquer top is split into four sections that reveal drawer storage space when pulled to the side. The structural parts are medium density fiber board with walnut veneer.

The LAGOS also uses mainly white lacquered surfaces, that just give the cleanest, sleek look. The center part comes in a wood design with the larger portion being a drawer that offers storage to keep the place tidy.

Another great design is the AVEIRO. The contemporary coffee table has 3 layers that can be used as surfaces. The top two layers can be swiveled to form a variety of layouts that offer a different look and functionality.

Latest Styles of Outdoor Dining Sets – Resin Wicker Most Popular

The outdoor dining set is the center piece of each home patio. Where else do you enjoy a nice meal with your family? Where would you sit down and relax to have a coffee of cocktail with friends or to read a book, and at the same time immerse in the sounds and scents your backyard has to offer?

outdoor wicker dining set for patio

Trying to give you the best possible experience, designers strive to develop the most exciting patio dining sets. Among them Beliani with a new collection that offers o whole variety of different outdoor furniture, specifically there are two new sets in a more traditional rattan wicker design as well as a very modern outdoor dining set.

Wicker was originally made from natural rattan fibers. Due to the maintenance that the material requires, manufacturers were quick to develop a synthetic alternative. The rattan stripes in modern outdoor furniture are almost exclusively made from resins nowadays. While maintaining the qualities we love so much about traditional wicker – its natural visual appeal and its comforting elasticity – the resin wicker adds the component of easy maintenance. Most poly-rattans, as they are also called, are UV resistant, immune to water and frost, and 100% recyclable. All these factors have led to the huge popularity of wicker dining sets.

Outdoor patio dining set with table and chairsBut there is more. Even though it seems modern furniture has a harder time on the North American market than it does in Europe, e.g. modern outdoor furniture designs are hitting our store shelves. One of the very neat sleek designs is this Beliani outdoor dining set. Black flamed granite is featured on a stainless steel frame. Easy to clean and indestructable.

Happy shopping!

What 2013 Will Bring for Outdoor Furniture

The patio season is over, snow may have hit in some places and mostly patio furniture is stowed away. Christmas has past and 2013 has just started, be it a good one! But what will it bring in terms of outdoor furniture? Which are the ultimate new designs?

Here is a quick outlook into what 2013 may bring. While design is always the main focus, we look through the lens of materials, that patio furniture is made with. Woods, plastics, metals, everything goes.

modern outdoor furniture
From Outdoor Furniture

Durability and functionality are always important factors in patio furniture. These pieces by James De Wulf are modern and comfy. Made with high density foam and memory foam, the structures come with removable covers that are machine-washable, UV-resistant and quick drying.

Wicker has been a trend for a few years now and will continue to conquer North American hearts. While mostly modern designs in all-weather wicker are en vogue, traditional style garden furniture plays an important role. In the video is a durable resin wicker dining set offered by Beliani. Cushions are made with high density foam again, removable covers with outdoor fabric.

outdoor sofa set
From Outdoor Furniture

Metals are on the rise. While everyone knows wrought iron furniture, stainless steel and aluminum frames will have a stronger influence in 2013. Designers around the globe have developed gorgeous modern dining sets and outdoor sofa sets made with these materials.


outdoor furniture aluminum bench

This simple bench is made with cedar sides and an aluminum seat. Cedar combines well with metals and weathers into a grey tone. You can also treat it in order to maintain its fresh look.


What Materials Should I be Looking for in Outdoor Furniture?

Let’s face it; the days when you threw a bunch of fold-up chairs on your lawn and called it a backyard retreat are over. Not only have your guests stopped smoking that stuff that made them feel like they were sitting on poofy little clouds, but also, your options with regard to outdoor furniture have dramatically changed. Patio furniture can be quite an investment nowadays. And who wants to be left in the rain, when the sun can shine so bright on your exquisite outdoor living space?!

Or, as my old friend Naveen would phrase it: “Patio furniture form a significant part to fashion your patio space, such as backyard, lawn, terrace, porch, etc., wherein you prefer having outdoor fun.”

To experience that fun, you should know about the different materials available in outdoor furniture. They range from plastic to wrought iron, stainless steel or aluminum, from teak and other woods to fiberglass. The main issue remains: How to make the furniture durable, comfortable and low maintenance at the same time?

outdoor furniture chair iron materialWhen choosing the material for patio furniture, climate plays a considerable role with regard to durability. For example, if you are residing in a rainy or humid climate, like Vancouver, Seattle or San Francisco, plastic would be more suitable than wooden or iron based outdoor furniture. Steel tends to rust and wood requires lots of maintenance in the form of oil, varnish or paint in order to keep it looking sharp.

Patio furniture made of wrought iron is known for its durability and strength. Often, this kind only comes in traditional designs. Look out for brands that protect the iron with a solid coat of plastic. Check for seams and welded areas that might be un-covered. Those will definitely rust, when exposed to the elements.

Teak is a more natural choice and can be a good alternative. It contains resinous lubricant to protect itself from the wrath of sun and rain. Moreover, high content of silica present in teak makes it resistant to mould and fungus. Teak needs to be oiled regularly for it to maintain its natural shine and qualities. It is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture, although it can be pricey.

Patio furniture made of fiberglass is also known for its durability as it never rusts or shrinks. Being water-proof, it easily resists mould and mildew.  However, one of the major drawbacks of fiberglass is that it can start “peeling” off over the years. You will constantly have the particles on your hands and arms.

stainless steel and aluminum patio furnitureA big trend with homeowners as well as bistros, bars and restaurants is steel or aluminum for outdoor furniture. Available in a wide array of styles, shades and shapes to fit your needs stainless steel and aluminum both have the characteristics needed for a durable piece of garden furniture. Watch out for the weight difference; aluminum frame furniture is usually light weight, while a stainless steel table can mean a significant load.

More recent materials include garden furniture made from polywood, basically a wood imitation made from virgin or recycled plastic, as well as cement furniture.

These are some of the best materials for outdoor furniture. They often are combined, e.g. you will see a stainless steel frame dining table with a teak top or an aluminum frame lounge set that is covered with plastic wicker to give it the natural look. Durability is key when exposing your new patio chair to the rain and sun. So make sure you choose the material accordingly.

Beliani carefully selects the materials in its outdoor furniture to ensure a durable and comfortable customer experience. To peek at the latest collection click here.


Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Money

You’re in the market for stylish outdoor furniture, but the high end brands’ price tags give you a cold shiver down the back?

Here are a couple of ideas of where to find the best outdoor furniture for your money.

There are a bunch of popular Canadian retailers of patio furniture that have great offers on outdoor furniture. Stores like Canadian Tire, DOT Patio Furniture, Lowes Canada and Costco are well known for their home products and also carry patio furniture. While not all of them have huge collections, they all offer some interesting pieces that help you create the perfect outdoor living space. While the quality is not always top priority, they all offer great value for outdoor furniture and this is the reason why a lot of consumers prefer these retailers.

Canadian Tire has some trendy patio furniture and patio accessories. For example, this lovely Camden Patio Furniture Collection can serve as the central point of your outdoor patio area. Pick and choose with this wrought iron style dining set.

patio dining set for outdoors with umbrella

DOT Patio is another popular retailer that provides lots of patio furniture and patio accessories. The Maribel resin wicker daybed adds a romantic ambiance to your outdoor living space besides adding comfort. This elegant wicker daybed provides enough space for two and the canopy attached to the bed provides protection from the sun. The canopy can also be folded down if not required. The daybed comes also with a comfortable cushion along with five throw pillows. Moreover, the matching ottoman provides your patio with a complete lounging experience. This all-weather resin wicker daybed not only looks elegant but it is also very durable and available at attractive price.

outdoor wicker canopy daybed

Lowes is relatively new to Canada and constantly extends its product portfolio. They also provide a small variety of patio furniture to add value to your patio area. This retro Banana Steel Patio Chaise Lounge by Lowes Canada can be a useful addition to your outdoor living space. The chaise lounge is ideal for spending a lazy afternoon in a relaxed way. It is strong and long-lasting, made of durable PVC tube and a powder coated steel frame.

outdoor lounge chair


Costco has been a save bet for Canadians for all kinds of grocery and home products. They also offer a respectable line of durable outdoor furniture, mostly sold exclusively online. This hammock by Costco is made from high-quality and weather-resistant fabric that provides you with long-term durability. It can easily accommodate two adults. Also comes with a polyester carrying bag.

outdoor patio furniture hammock

Similar to Costco, Beliani Furnitures has chosen the web as their primary sales channel. Their products are strong builds, usually made from aluminum frames and all-weather wicker. They are gaining a strong position within outlet stores for patio furniture. The innovative modern designs makes Beliani stand out amongst other patio retailers. The Roma below is a durable resin wicker conversation set.

resin wicker outdoor patio furniture set
Find more outlet stores for patio furniture.